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         ISO9001-2008                  CE                       FCC      Honor   ...
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2008 Mr. Xuping Zheng, Dr. Qiang Zheng and  Professor Wei li played as the core team members of the  company, ZJY became the Integrated POF System Solution  Provider. Company finalized the technical standards for communication POF application. The standards are POF Standards, POF Device Standards, POF Testing Standards and POF Construction Standards. In the 10th (2008)...
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Executive Director and Engineer: Xuping, Zheng Xuping Zheng is the pioneer who participate the investment of Chinese POF research and production, he advanced the concept of "US$100 - 100 meter - 100 Mbps Integrated POF Access Network" in 2007. Xuping was the General Manager of Company when he acted as co-founder of establishing ZJY in 1994. He has authored "Omnibus of Patent Exchange...
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        Shenzhen ZJY Patent City Co. Ltd. established in May, 1994. We commit ourselves to provide cost-effective merchandises and improve the quality of human life. We are going to strive mightily towards consumer needs by our excellent personnel, innovative thought and unique designs.        We attach great importance to the...
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