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Suitable for: Mobile Command and Mobile Conference

        Main features: All-Optical LAN, product modularity, light-weight, easy for carry and deploy, no radiation and crosstalk, inaudible to eavesdroppers, completely immune to electromagnetic interference and radiation, working properly under the electromagnetic noise environment, no electromagnetic shielding required.

        The port on transceiver significantly quickens and simplifies the connection. This design enables the fiber to be cut and terminated to the exact required length on-site, allowing even the most novice user to quickly and easily terminate the POF and connect it within a few seconds. The attenuation and BER (Bit Error Rate) can be calculated when the POF system is under different data rate. Two RCLED-based 650nm transceiver options can be used in this solution, one meets the IEEE 1394b specification which transmits data at S200 (250 Mbps) speed for 50 meters, and another option meets IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet standard that transmits data at 100 Mbps for 100 meters. POF's numerical apertures are 0.3 NA and 0.5 NA, attenuation is between 150 - 200 dB/km, the maximum acceptance angle is 60˚, 100 meter 2.2mm duplex POF cable weights only 800g, and the tensile strength is up to 140N. POF is light, thin, soft and easy for connection, very suitable for emergency, field training and exercise. Troubleshooting is quick and easy as POF uses a visible eye-safe red light to transfer data from one device to another. A quick glance inside the cable will indicate connectivity to the network - a red light seen by the human eye means the network is connected.

System specification:  

        Portable System Case;

        Gigabit or Megabit POF Network Switch;

        POF USB Adapter;

        Fast Ethernet to Optical Media Converter;

        50m or 100m POF Cables;

        Power Supply

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